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The Third Saturday Music Society is a group of musicians in the Akron, Ohio area that likes to play music and sing with old and new friends. We get together on the 3rd Saturday night of every month at various houses in Akron, Copley, Hudson, and other neighboring towns.

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LOCAL MUSIC CALENDARS & SCHEDULES:    ACCOUSTIC OHIO    ENTERTAIN ME (Rock)    WAPS 91.3    WKSU 89.7    WCPN 90.3    DIRTY LINEN    NE OHIO DANCE    OHIO.COM      AKRON/Cuyahoga Falls:   Crossroads - Daily Double - Getaway Pub - Lime Spider - Lydia's Bar - Mocha Maiden/Musica - Mustard Seed - Northside - Scott's Folkatorium    KENT:   Club Chameleon - Kent Stage - Mountain Rose - The Outpost    CLEVELAND:   Barking Spider - Beachland Ballroom - House of Blues    OTHER CITIES:   Maize Valley Winery (Hartville) - Sonnet's (Wadsworth) - Viking Vineyards (Brimfield) - Wolf Creek Winery (Norton)

Louder Music: Rock, Blues, Zydeco...
  • Along For The Ride: Classic Rock, Blues, & Originals. Members are: Sarah Kane (lead vocals), Steve Wartko (rhythm guitar, lead vocals, bass), Stewart Lennox (lead guitar), Jo Oklessen (keyboard & vocals), Matt Lerner (bass, vocals, and guitar) and Dave Scarponi (drums & vocals). SEE OUR VIDEO FROM BOBFEST 2006!
  • The Fabulous Voices: R&R, R&B, Dance, Latin, Blues, & Jazz with "the BIX mix for dancing!" with Andy Hawes on vocals, harp, & percussion; Rich Henning on keyboards & vocals; Ken Berlin on guitar, guitar synth, and vocals; Vince Antenucci on bass; and Mike Antenucci on drums.
  • The Graphics: Classic and modern rock with Rick Wehrmann, John Lees, and friends.
  • Mo' Mojo Mama Band with Jen Maurer: A Spicy Hot Zydeco-Cajun-New Orleans Style Band! Now, for those of you that didn’t get to the "Big Easy" for Mardi Gras, not to worry. Mo' Mojo Mama will take you on a musical voyage down to the bayous of Louisiana and the streets of New Orleans.
  • MPB Band: Classic Rock & Roll (Male Pattern Baldness)
  • Papamint: is a local rock'n'roll band playing originals as well as songs by: The Pretenders; Sheryl Crow; CCR; The Who; Tom Petty; Grateful Dead and more, from the 60's through today. We are a father/daughter team on guitar and keys, plus drummer & bassist: Jim Huth; Jenny Huth; Steve Fisher & Gareth Ridout.
  • The Rhondas: Akron's all girl, all fun band, with Mojo Mama Jen Maurer, Laurie Howard, and Sarah Rolan. Formerly called "Poontwang", the Rhondas perform a unique blend of roots-based original and cover tunes. While they don't necessarily fit into one category they consider themselves to be alt-country, and have nicknamed their genre "Poon Twang". All three of The Rhondas sing and play a variety of instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, banjo, accordian, djembe, and trumpet.
  • The Tofu Fighters are an eight member band that will fire off a modern rock favorite, follow it with a Beatles tune, then play one of Art's originals, play a jam band dance song featuring leads by Samuel, Ron, and Phillip, and go directly into a Dylan masterpiece. Singer/Songerwriters Art Mastin and Dave Stroh are up front with Ron Johnson & Phillip Nabors (lead guitars, vocals) Samuel Salsbury (violin) Tom Schurr (bass) Rob Schael (drums) & Irene Stroh (vocals & percussion).

Softer Music: Folk, Bluegrass, World...
The Brick Road Ramblers Cotton~Eye Joe Fable Impl¿ed Log¿c Jen Maurer and Sam Rettmann Lisa & Heather Malyuk Jon Miller & Presents Rio Neon - FolkJazz! Roadside Exit Sage Sisters Them Other Folkers
  • The Brick Road Ramblers: Traditional, folk, old-time, popular, and original tunes. One of Akron's favorite bands.
  • Cotton~Eye Joe: Heather Gullstrand on Violin, Viola and Harmonica, and Terry Richardson on Acoustic Guitar, Banjo and Vocals. They perform traditional American and Irish folk tunes and dance songs... and are renowned for energetic performances that makes it difficult to resist foot-tapping and clapping.
  • FABLE: 'New American Folk' that is Poignant, Tender, Edgy, Political, Philosophical, and sometimes Romantic...
  • Impl¿ed Log¿c: Music without a net! Performing for any occassion.
  • Jen Maurer & Sam Rettman: Mo' Mojo Mama Jen Maurer and her Mo' Mojo Man Sam Rettman are two of the area's most talented, most connected musicians. As a duet, you'll usually find Jen on guitar and Sam on harmonica. Frequently some of the area's best musicians will stand in with them.
  • Lisa & Heather Malyuk: Young musicians Lisa & Heather Malyuk are newcomers to the folk music scene, but already they have become celebrated musicians in northeast Ohio and abroad. Their charming performances featuring an articulate hammered dulcimer coupled with inventive guitar and fiddle playing brings their repertoire of eclectic folk tunes to life.
  • Presents: "Musical Gifts of the Moment: with Jon Miller. Jon's play both guitar and harmonica, plus vocals along with his daughter Angela on vocals, his son Adam on percussion, and his friend Michelle Gippin on keyboard and vocals.
  • Rio Neon: Folkjazz and more! Featuring members with diverse music backgrounds, Rio Neon is fast becoming noticed for complex and unique vocal harmonies, as well as original compositions, and instrumental diversity. Members are: Red Michel, vocal, guitar; Sally Kandel, vocal, percussion; Roger Phillips vocal, guitar, mandolin; John Reynolds violin, mandolin; and Bob Smith, bass guitar
  • Roadside Exit:The band plays older, lesser heard traditional and contemporary folk/Americana/roots music, and original acoustic music.
  • Sage Sisters: Two woman who blend their amazing voices to create a mood that can hold a room in a trance. A combo of traditional and contemporary folk ballads and heartfelt melodies a cappella and with accompanying guitar.
  • Them Other Folkers: Original accoustic music.

Individual Singer/Songwriters, mostly of a folk nature...
Art Mastin Bob Wood Dave & Irene Stroh Don Henson Ed Amann Jen Stancil Jo Oklessen John Crafton Jon Miller Kathy Johnson Keith Lamont Bachman Leslie Wake Matt Lerner Michael Grady Sarah Kane Stephanie Serna aka'Pirate Jenny Steve Kraus Steve Wartko Terry Richardson
  • Art Mastin: Art has a great voice, a huge repetoire of classic rock and folk, and is a talented singer/songwriter. Art is one of the core members of 3rd Saturday, always ready to keep the music going with an old favorite or another new original or another "new" oldie that we haven't played before. Art's current projects include Works of Art and The Tofu Fighters.
  • Bob Wood: Bob is a talented singer/songwriter and is a promoter of local music. Many of the people on this page first started in the local scene at one of Bob's open mics that he hosts at Mocha Maiden, Sonnet's Coffeehouse, and various other venues.
  • Dave & Irene Stroh: Dave and Irene have great voices and a huge repetoire of classic rock and folk. Dave has written a few great songs, and both are founding members of 3rd Saturday. Dave plays guitar and bass, and Irene plays dulcimar. They are members of The Tofu Fighters and Dave is the main vocalist and guitar player for the Brick Road Ramblers. They host an annual birthday party at their country home in Copley in mid-August every year, which in the Mother of all 3rd Saturday parties.
  • Don Henson: Don is a great guitarist and contributes to the vitality of the local music scene. He founded the Summit County Songwriter's circle and keeps up the Accoustic Ohio Calendar.
  • Ed Amann: "I'm mostly into playing and writing music, but once in a while I just have to get up on the soapbox and rant...". Ed is also a member of Implied Logic.
  • Jen Stancil: “Every time that I am not performing I’m dreaming about it, planning it, or practicing for it. I’m not sure what life would be like without music. Our lives are one infinite song; together we all make up the symphony of life.” Jen often has friends and guests perform with her.
  • Jo Oklessen: Jo is a keyboard player and vocalist for Along for the Ride. Her songs are inspired the beauty of the nature and the spirit of life.
  • John Crafton: "My music is centered on the times we share, the building of our nation, my Irish heritage, and my personal journey as a musician, sailor, and gentleman explorer." John is also member of Fable.
  • Jon Miller: Jon's roots are in folk music and blues.He original songs & popular classics, including a variety of themes: story songs, nature songs, songs of love & human growth. People enjoy Jon's ability to play both guitar and harmonica at the same time. He often performs alone; but at times he may be accompanied by one or more other musicians, frequently as a group called "Presents" with his daughter Angela on vocals, his son Adam on percussion, and his friend Michelle Gippin on keyboard and vocals.
  • Kathy Johnson: Kathy Johnson performs American acoustic music, including her own remarkable originals and an entertaining mix of folk music, cowboy songs, old country songs, and music from the 20's, 30's and 40's.
  • Keith Bachman: "I am a singer/songwriter and have been doing so since the age of 10. I write heartfelt love songs and songs about Lake Erie and the surrounding area where I grew up. The music is folk/ rock laced with jazz harmony." Keith is also member of Fable.
  • Leslie Wake: Leslie has been entertaining children for years and I am now working on some adult material.
  • Matt Lerner: Matt has written some folk and rock originals and plays bass, rhythm guitar, and vocals with Along for the Ride and Them Other Folkers. He has collaborated with Sarah Kane and Steve Wartko and is a founding member of 3rd Saturday and maintains the 3rd Saturday websites.
  • Michael Grady: "What I give people through my music is honest, true and of the highest quality. Audiences respond to that by giving me their very best as well. It always makes for a great show."
  • Sarah Kane: Sarah is the female lead vocalist for Along for the Ride as well as Them Other Folkers. She plays guitar and bit of harmonica and cowbell. She has written songs on her own, as well as partnering with Matt Lerner, Steve Wartko, and Keith Bachman. Her distinct, powerful voice is remenisceint of Janis Joplin and other hard core female rockers like Pat Benatar.
  • Stepanie Serna: Stephanie Serna, aka "Pirate Jenny" recently moved to Akron, Ohio, from Long Beach, CA. In Akron, she is quickly becoming a regular in the local music scene, singing and playing ukulele, guitar, accordian and keyboard. She is the host of a weekly open mic at the Northside Bar and Grille every Tuesday night from 6-9 pm.
  • Steve Kraus: Steve is an early member of the 3rd Saturday Music Society and a former member of the Brick Road Ramblers. He sings and plays keyboard, guitar, and mandolin. Steve loves to collect and play popular music from the early decades of the century and is a walking library on music.
  • Steve Wartko: Steve has written a number of folk, rock, and country style originals. He is the male lead vocalist for Along for the Ride as well as Them Other Folkers. Steve's instruments include lead and rhythm guitar, harmonica, bass, piano, and drums. On a few occassions he has written songs with Matt Lerner and Sarah Kane.
  • Terry Richardson : Originals & Covers- English - Irish - American - Country - Blues - Rock 'n Roll - Traditional Folk Music. Terry is part of Cotton~Eye Joe.

Other Musical Friends
Daniel Ryan and Richard the Rooster Paul DiFranco Phillip & Margaret Rob Schael Samuel Salsbury & Sabrena Schweyer 'Twistin' Tom Ball
  • Daniel Ryan and Richard the Rooster: Daniel is the Historical Gardener, Story-Teller, Musician, Ox Teamster, and Shepherd at Hale Farm and Village in Bath, Ohio. Richard is a "Working Rooster". He's a Mille Fleur Bantam, a real gentleman.
  • Paul DiFranco: Paul has been leading drum circles since 1995 for both public and private groups. His drum circles feature a cross section of songs and rhythms from across the world. Paul emphasizes both the healing and spiritual aspects of drumming, music and sound. He also instructs group classes called The FUN-damentals of hand drumming. Paul is also a founder/member of "Smiling Heart", a devotional chanting group.
  • Phillip and Margaret Nabors: Promoters of local music, owners of the Mustard Seed Market & Cafe and frequent hosts of some great parties! Phillip is a founding member of the "3rd Saturday Music Society" and plays lead guitar with The Tofu Fighters.
  • Rob Schael: Rob can often be found arriving early to 3rd Saturday and other musical events and setting up his drumset. He is also the the drummer for the Tofu Fighters.
  • Samuel Salsbury & Sabrena Schweyer: Samuel & Sabrena host the Annual Chocolate Party and are friends to us all. Samuel is a gifted violinist and is a member of Fable. He is also an unofficial member of almost every other band listed!
  • Tom Ball: Local radio host of two programs that promote local musicians on 91.3 the Summit and so much more.

There will be more coming soon on Venues, Musica Organizations, Studios, etc....

More to come on: Work in Progress, Root Doctor's Revenge, Calypso Gypsies, Umojah Raggae, Backspace, BackTrack

This page is maintained by Matt Lerner as a tribute to my friends who have given him so much. To my friends who aren't on here yet, send me your website info and I'll put it up! Last updated on October 6, 2006. Please send corrections and additons to matthewlerner @ yahoo.com